Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eye-Popping Thanksgiving

What caused this flesh eating bacteria to show up on these girl's faces? Don't they look sad? Answer: highlight here --> Cassandra's Lemon meringue pie froze then turned to mush!
What caused this poor dog's condition? Answer: highlight here--> He ate leftovers, ALL OF THEM!

But that was the worst of it. The rest was good ol' fashioned Thanksgiving day fun. It started off with football. Tackle, in the mudd, in your face turkey bowl. Burnt biscut award goes to Melody, who took Sammy down like Michael Strahan sacking Tom Brady in Super Bowl 42!

How did that feel mel?After the turkey bowl we had turkey platters. Cassandra outdid herself this time. She prepared two birds, one from a Dr. Pepper brine and the other Cherry Coke. Yum! She also baked a storm of pies, from the traditional cream cheese, to the eye-crossing key lime pie. She made a cornbread stuffing worth dying for. Add candied yams and deviled eggs (Melody's deviled eggs non-the-less) and the menu was set. The poor girl, she worked her self silly. I asked her if she was exhausted. she replied:
Need I say more? Oh yeah. My cousin Armando and his family joined us for the feast and games. It was a blast. When you are at our house, remind us to invite him over to play games. You have to play Taboo with the guy, he's halarious. We didn't ask him if he liked the food, we just took a picture. I'd say it speaks for itself:
One more note, Dora the explorer and her friends showed up to the party as well. I'm not kidding! Dora and friends, live and in living color.
Pictured above: Back row from left to right:Boots the Monkey, Tico, Isa; Front: Dora the explorer. Say it with me, Swiper no swiping!


Cari Sorensen said...

Okay, I love that Jose took over! hehe! But sad thing is I didn't even realize that was Tierzah! Her hair is SO light, she just doesn't fit in!!! How cute they ALL are though. Especially Sandi with those goggles on. They are hot!!

LFC said...

New Years backround

My Cute Kids

My Cute Kids
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