Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Toot(h) Fairy

Shhhhh. Don't move! Did you feel that? A draft. Asa left the garage door open again? No, wait... it's an open window, I think.

Look closer...

Keep going .....

Stay with me here ...

There! There it is! Ariella lost her first tooth.

And boy was she delighted. She had been anticipating this for a long time. Asa gave her tips about how to do it faster, but she soon found out Asa hadn't tried any of these methods. They are actually methods he would like to see others try, just to see what happens.
Ariella is way too smart for that. Instead she came to Dad for help. She may have been better off with Asa's advice.

She anticipated the tooth fairy so much, that she wrote a letter about two weeks before losing her tooth. Below is a scanned image of the letter. It may be hard to read so I typed it out below.

Mrs. Toot (sic) Fairy,

I am going to lose a tooth tomorrow or the next day or the next day. I hope you put something under my pillow. I hope you put gum or money under my pillow, both probably.

Ariella. You can call me Arianna if you want.

So next time you see Ariella, and you are not sure whether to smile at her or kick a field goal, tell her how grown up she is now that she is missing a tooth. And ask her what the toot fairy brought her. Call her Arianna for extra points.

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