Monday, October 26, 2009

Guess What I can do?

Reader discretion is advised. If you are not eating, feel free to proceed. Otherwise, come back later. Else you might be exposed to words like 'poopy' and 'potty.' Unless you are a mom, moms don't seem bothered by this kind of stuff, so go ahead and bite down on that breakfast bar and enjoy my first post on our family blog.

Yup, she can do it all by herself. Well, on her own terms that is. Every now and then you are blessed with a child who comes to you, well to her mother at least and tells her that her diaper is yucky. Those of you that have gone down the potty training trail know that when a child can identify the problem, the job is half done. They pretty much potty train themselves. The trade off in this case? It has to be on her terms. But it is just like TKat; on her own terms. The good news is, she prefers using the potty instead of a diapee. The bad news is sometimes she's too caught up in her activities of daily living that she will... well... you know. But like I said, it has to be on her terms. But this being our fourth child we are well aware that a little positive reinforcement goes a long way: Chocolate works most of the time :).

I know that some of your little ones accomplished this feat at an even younger age and others, uh let's jus say they were late bloomers (we had two of those, both boys interesting enough --he blushes, albeit grinning-- ). If you have some of the latter, don't despair the day will come, I promise it will. Just keep a chocolate bar nearby, bubbles worked for Ariella, and may the gods of John Crapper smile down upon you soon. Three cheers for TKat!!!
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